Product Launch & Testing

We bring XR to Sensory Analysis


Before the launch, the entire marketing mix needs to be reviewed. Conventional approaches (e.g., store test) to check the marketing mix are very costly and time consuming.

In a traditional product launch test the new product is sold in a selected number of stores or in online shops to check the effect of marketing activities (e.g., promotions, personal promotion, placement).
The planning and implementation of traditional store tests is extremely time-consuming, especially if the effect of various marketing activities has to be checked experimentally.


Boost Product Launch Testing by using XR.

Virtual Reality applications enable a quick and cost-effective review of the relevant marketing mix decision. To be displayed in virtual reality are products and packaging as well as virtual test environments (eg supermarkets).

Launch testing in a Virtual Reality

Subjects can take a virtual tours of supermarkets that has been captured in 360 degrees. Various products will be considered by the subjects during the tour.

With Virtual Reality the subjects can effectively evaluate different store and shopping scenarios, whether that be feedback on store layout, product placement, pricing or promotion.

The subjects are also able to interact with the products. They can take the product out of the shelf and view it from all sides.

Eye tracking can be combined with VR to give additional insight as to what elements are attracting attention vs. being ignored.