We bring XR to Sensory Analysis

We bring XR to Sensory Analysis

“Sensory XR” is a network of partners whose goal is it to make innovation processes of Fast Moving Consumer Goods more effective and more efficient through the use of human-machine interactions.

The focus is on Augmented Realities (AR), Augmented Virtualities (AV) and Virtual Realities (VR), which help us to increase the validity of innovation processes and to design them faster and more lean because we use virtual or augmented test stimuli (such as product concepts, prototypes) and virtual or augmented test environments (typical usage contexts).

Virtuality Continuum

The virtuality continuum  explains the term “XR” and is useful for putting mixed reality technologies in perspective. The Virtual Continuum is a spectrum that encompasses environments ranging from the completely physical world to the completely virtual world. (Milgram et al. 1994)

The level of immersion – or sense of being in another world – that a user experience within a virtual environment relates to how much stimuli the computer delivers to the user. Thus, you can classify virtual environments along a virtuality continuum, which ranges from the real world to an entirely computer-generated environment. All these stages (Reality, AR, VR and VR) are combined to the term “XR”.

Milgram, P./Takemura, H./Utsumi, A./Kishino, F. (1994): Augmented reality: a class of displays on the reality-virtuality continuum, pp. 282–292